Want to Learn How To Play the Piano?

Piano Tutorial

Wussup fam,

If you’re a musician, artist or even a music producer I’ve got a great new website for you to check out.

MyPianoLessons.net is a piano blog I started where I’m going to learn to play the piano like a pro, step-by-step from scratch – and for free.

Now, I already know how to play the piano a little bit (but I’m nowhere near a pro). So I started the blog to keep track of my practice and motivate myself to keep going.

In the next 4 – 6 months I want to be able to literally play the piano like a pro – just sit down at a keyboard and buss out a crazy song. And I’m documenting everything, step-by step. From all the different ways to practice, to all the different scales and chords to everything else you need to know to play piano.

So visit MyPianoLessons.net and follow my personal piano tutorial. I’ve already gone through learning notes, scales and how to play piano chords, and so now I’m basically going step-by-step to memorize all the scales and chords and everything else I’ll need to play like a pro. I just finished off the C Major Scale and am moving on to the next one.

If you’re a music producer, and you can’t play piano, this is an essential website for you. If you’re a singer, then being able to play the piano will take your music and your live show to the next level. So come by and learn with me.

Check it out today.


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