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Pop Beats & Dance Beats


Dance and Pop beats are always catchy and make people’s head’s nod and body’s move – and they can be used by both rappers and singers. Dance/Pop beats consist of heavy and hypnotic drum lines that are very basic but can contain some rhythmic intricacies. These beats can sound similar in nature to techno and other electronic beats.

Some of the best dance beats are those that have the common “four on the floor” drum patterns. Dance instrumentals also often use synthesizers for melodies and sub bass instruments for basslines. Dance club music in Rap and R&B songs is becoming more and more popular. Dance beat songs and pop beats instrumentals are often used to give rappers and singers that instant, radio-friendly hit song.

At PhatBootyEnt.com, our hip hop dance beats and music for pop songs are professionally produced to the highest quality and pre-mixed and mastered so your job is as easy as possible! Begin writing your nex dance club song literally minutes after you purchase a beat online. Get noticed by record executives, radio directors and fans dance and pop beats.

Standard Licenses (ST) – $19.99 – These licenses are for streaming purposes only. You cannot sell any product created using a beat purchased with this license. Roll over the “ST” in the player above for full license details.

Non-Exclusive Licenses (NE) – $39.98 – Beats for sale purchased with these licenses can be sold commercially for a profit (max.2500 copies). Publishing rights for product (song) created remains with PBE Music. Roll over the “NE” in the player above for full license details.

Exclusive License (EX) – $349.99 – Beats for sale purchase with Exclusive Licenses can be sold commercially for profit (unlimited copies). Publishing rights are split between the buyer and PBE Music.

Synchronization Licenses (SY) – $399.99 – Beats and instrumentals purchased for synchronization can be used as lead or background music in movies, TV shows, webisodes, commercials/advertisements, etc. Master rights remain with PBE Music, Publishing rights are split between PBE Music and buyer.