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Learn How To Buy Beats Below The Player

How To Buy Beats For Sale

Use the steps below to purchase beats using the player above.

  • Scroll through beats by using the scroll-bar on right side of player above
  • Click on beat/instrumental name to listen to it.
  • To buy a beat click Buy Beats Online
  • Next, choose license type and click “Add To Cart”Add To Cart - Instrumentals For Sale
  • To complete purchase scroll to bottom-right of player and click this icon: Beats For Sale
  • At top of player double check your shopping-cart items and click Instrumentals For Sale
  • Next, enter your PayPal or Credit Card details
  • Finally, read the full contract and enter your full name and artist/band name at bottom of page and click Send Beats For Sale Payment
  • Once finished, you’ll be able to download your beats/instrumentals instantly – Buy Beats Online

You can also sort the beats in the player above by genre, tempo and more. The player has all types of beats – r&b, rap and pop.

Our Beats & Instrumentals For Sale

At PhatBootyEnt.com we offer industry quality beats for sale. All of our instrumentals are available for instant download using the player above. From Rap and Hip Hop to Pop and R&B instrumentals for sale, we offer a wide selection of music backing tracks perfect for any project.

You can bet that our instrumentals are produced to the highest quality using professional sounds, samples and equipment. Our beats and instrumentals available for sale give you the inspiration you need to write your next classic song. Don’t settle for just any beats, browse through our wide selection of beats/instrumentals and instantly download them today!

Buying Beats – Our Licensing Details:

Standard Licenses – $19.99 – All uses of beats purchased with this license must be non-monetized (i.e. not for sale/profit). These licenses are for streaming/demoing purposes only – 250 copies and 10,000 online streams. Beats delivered as WAV files.

Non-Exclusive Licenses (NE) – $39.00 – Allows for limited use of beats/instrumentals for monetization/sale/profit.  (maximum of 2500 commercial copies – digital and physical). Publishing rights for beat/instrumental remains with PBE Music. Beats delivered as high quality WAV files.

Exclusive License (EX) – $349.00 – Beats for sale purchase with Exclusive Licenses allow for unlimited monetization/profit in any number or types of products. Publishing rights are split between the buyer and Omar Zulfi. Beats delivered as mixed-down WAV file plus tracked out instrumental sound files (WAV).

Synchronization Licenses (SY) – $199.00 – Non-Exclusive license for beats and instrumentals for use as lead or background music in movies, video games, TV shows, webisodes, etc. (Contact For More Details)

YouTube License – $3.99 – Low-Quality, Vocal-Tagged MP3 File, Non-Exclusive License. For use as background music only for non-monetized YouTube videos. Unlimited views of video allowed.