Want Radio-Play? Then you NEED a BROADCAST QUALITY, Mixed and Mastered Song.

Let Phat Booty Entertainment take your music track and transform it into a sonic masterpiece with upfront vocals, clear and wide instruments and sounds, and unique, ear-catching effects. Don’t settle for an amateur or boring mix of your song. Trust Phat Booty Entertainment to take it to the next level!


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Why Get Mixed & Mastered with Phat Booty Entertainment?
Wondering why your song sounds muddy and distorted? Phat Booty Entertainment’s creative mix engineer can give your music track or entire project life, energy, clarity and most importantly – a MODERN, PUNCHY and FULL sound, at a very affordable rate.

All you have to do is upload your music project’s individual vocal and instrumental stems to our online server and make payment through PayPal. We will fully mix and master your music track with precision using the highest grade digital EQs, Compressors and Effects Processors.

We can provide you with a CD-RedBook (44.1Khz, 16-Bit – MUSIC INDUSTRY STANDARD) WAV file of your mastered recording(s) and can also give you the full project files if necessary. If you decide to only get your mix done with PBE Music, we will give you 88.2Khz, 32-Bit FP WAV Audio Stems so you can get your song mastered with the best source quality

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