Great Music Websites to Help You Promote Your Music

the Internet has become a very powerful force in any business, especially the Music Business. There are many great websites out there that you can use to help promote your music. It’s important to make sure that your songs are everywhere they possibly can be, for the greatest amount of exposure. But it doesn’t mean you can just put your music up and forget about it. You have to actively promote and work on promoting your music to the masses.

But there are tons of tools out there that you can use to make it easier for you. Some great websites have popped up within the last five years that make promoting your music and become successful online, that much easier. Here’s a short collection of sites that can help you get your music out there. There are many, many others, but here’s a few.

ReverbNation: is a great website with lots of tools designed to help musicians make money from their music on the Internet. Also a great place to gain fans, organize fans and keep in touch with them. Go to and sign up for a free account. They allow you to upload pictures, biographies, press quotes, songs, videos and much much more. They also have great widgets that you can place on other websites like Facebook, your own website and blogs. They’ve also got a great charts system that takes into account all the local artists from your city and ranks you in relation to them.

BandCamp: is another great website that allows you to upload your music for people to download. It’s got a very simple sort of interface where you can upload pictures, singles and even full albums. They also give you widgets where people can download your music from bandcamp on other websites. The great thing about BandCamp, like ReverbNation, is that you can set it so people have to enter their e-mail address to be able to download your music. This is a great way to collect e-mail addresses of your fans seeking stay in touch with them.

Jango: is an online streaming radio website that caters to independent music. You can sign up for an airplay account ( and upload your pictures and music to the website. You can then actually pay a monthly fee to have your music played to various music fans around the world. It’s a great solution to get your music in front of the years of tons of new fans. What happens, is it potential fan will be listening to music from a major artist that they like, and if you think that your music sounds similar to that major artist, it will be played on the radio station right after that. This is a very powerful tool for gaining new fans.

The key to any of these websites is that you actively promotes your music. You can’t just upload your music and hope people will search for and find you. You have to actually promote your music to fans using these tools. These tools simply make it easier for you. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but should be a good start for new music artists.

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