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Brand New Music Video By PBE Music Artist Lyrical Militant

Wussup fam,

We”ve got some great music business posts lined up to come out soon, but I just wanted to quickly share the brand new Lyrical Militant music video for the single “Never Give Up” – this track is a summertime banger! You can download it for FREE at

Let us know what you think! The video was produced by Ol Roy Records, Juicebox Media and directed by Corban Bartlett.


New Smash Song featuring Beat from

Wussup fam,

If you’ve ever heard me talk about soul singers, you’ll know that there is one lady that is hands down the best. SADE. I love Sade. I love all her music – if you haven’t heard of her or heard any of her music, stop what you’re doing – open a new browser tab and google Sade. She’s a veteran with an amazing, unique voice and style.

And you might also know that there is one singer we’ve worked with over and over named Flo. She is an R&B/Soul sensation out of Winnipeg, MB and we’ve worked on a lot of music together.

I wanted to post up her latest single called “Echo” from her new album Pieces of Me. The beat for this song was produced by It was a custom beat and Flo came into the studio and loved it from the second she heard it.

And she KILLED THIS TRACK. It’s got smash hit written all over it. She did this beat Justice and we’re very proud to be a part of this album. The album has actually been nominated as Best Urban Album for the Western Canadian Music Awards – so much congrats, love and respect to FLO.

Hit her up on her website where you can purchase the new album (it’s a great album), or on Twitter @FloSoul

If you’re interested in getting a custom beat made for your next project, hit us up here or call 204-952-7254

Flo - "Echo" from the album "Pieces Of Me" - Produced by

PBE Music’s Latest Release

Hey fam, it’s Omar from PBE Music.

I haven’t posted about this yet but I thought I should. Earlier this year PBE Music released the debut album from rapper Lyrical Militant (that’s me) called “Prelude To Revolution.” There were a ton of beats on the album produced by PBE Music.

If you don’t know, I’m a socially conscious hip hop artist that’s got a lil bit of mainstream ignorance in him. This is my debut commercial album (available on iTunes). Check it out and let me know what you think.

Winnipeg Hip Hop

You can listen to the album below. The beats produced by PBE Music were on the songs:

  • Humanity’s Tragedy
  • Young’n Restless
  • Four Twenty
  • Big Dreams
  • Song For Mama

You can listen to the album in the player below – let us know what you think in the comments section.


The music video for the track “Never Give Up” will be out soon too, we’ll posts it up here once it’s edited and good to go. (And you can download the track for free now if you go to and sign up for the mailing list.)

Unfortunately none of these beats are available for sale on, these were custom exclusive beats that were created. If you’re interested in getting a custom beat or instrumental made (all custom beats come with EXCLUSIVE licenses) get in touch with us

We’ll be back soon with some tips and ish.



Lyrical Militant’s New Mixtape with Beats From PBE Music

Wussup fam,

Just wanted to throw y’all a link to PBE Music recording artist, Lyrical Militant. He put out a new mixtape with St.Louis rapper Big Greezy and the shit is FIRE! 45 minutes of some great hip hop music. Check it out in the player below.

You can download it for FREE by heading over to and signing up for the free mixtape download. Don’t sleep on this one! It’s some seriousness!

The mixtape also features beats for sale by DatPaki that you can get right here at –

Beats used on this mixtape –

  • “All I Know”
  • “Hard Loungin”
  • “Khalifa”
  • “The Levees”
  • “Grindin”

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