PBE Music Beats and Instrumentals Used By Independent Artists

Beats and instrumentals from PBE Music are extremely versatile pieces of work. You can go in so many different directions with your song. Whether it’s with rap beats or r&b beats, the possibilities are endless. Check out this video that was sent to our email by independent hip hop artist Young Bullet from Montreal. He used our hip hop beat “Master and Commander.”

It’s the song in the first half of the video. And the crazy thing about this track – he did it in less than a week. He leased the high-quality/tagless MP3, was immediately inspired to write a song, recorded it and had it mixed and mastered and put it on youtube. That’s the power of the internet and a hot beat!

Listen to the Phat Booty Entertainment instrumental that was used – “Master and Commander”

The thing about Phat Booty Beats (PBE stand for Phat Booty Entertainment) is that they are all professionally produced, mixed and mastered and not “over-cooked” like some beat makers beats. This ensures the songs you write and record will sound the best they possibly can in terms of audio quality.

Our beats are also inspiring and unique – making it easy to write a new song to. You don’t want to be a copy-cat rapper who sounds like everyone else. You want to do something unique. That’s where rap beats and r&b beats and instrumentals from PBE Music can help you. If you make a banger to one of our beats, there’s no doubt you’ll get notice from fans, record executives, music reviewers and radio stations.

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