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SEO Tips For Music Artists

Wussup Fam,

I came across this good article on SEO Tips for Musicians on Hype Bot. If you have a website for your music you need to get traffic to it. One of those ways is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – it basically means getting your website to the top of search engines like google. If you do it properly, it can get you some great traffic.

Click the article link below to read:


How To Make A Sampled Beat In Reason and Recycle

Hey y’all

Just wanted to post up an old but good video of yuh boy re-creating a beat that was made for Lyrical Militant’s mixtape called |Download This Mixtape” available for free at


Welcome To The PBE MUSIC Blog


My name’s Omar a.k.a DatPaki from PBE Music. This is the PBE Music blog. Here you’re going to find anything we think is really dope related to music, the music industry and pretty much anything in general. We’ll also be posting a bunch of articles and videos that will help up and coming artists, rappers and singer navigate the crazy world that is the music business. Theses tips will help you advance and grow your music career in lots of different ways.

Stay tuned to this spot regularly for tons of new info! And be sure to check out some of our Beats For Sale on our site.

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